Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heart-n-Soul Dance Recital 2009

Syd and Morgan

Syd * Lexi * Morgan


Mother's Day 2009

We decided to make it easy on the moms for Mother's Day this year and pick up KFC. Mom of course had to be an over-achiever and make a bunch of "sides" to go with it. The grand kids love playing at grandma's and the adults get to hang out a have a relaxing time.

My mom is the greatest! Thanks for all you have taught me! You're the best!

Kindergarten Zoo Trip

Happy Birthday "My-sue sue"

My baby's four years old and I can't believe it. Mylee is such a fun and sweet little girl and her big sister adores her. I hope they will always be best friends! Mylee has a morning ritual that is so funny. She wakes up and wants chocolate milk, blanket, pillow, and wants to watch cartoons. She will make her bed only if someone helps her and cleaning up her toys is impossible. When she's asked to pick up her toys, she is suddenly too tired and falls to the floor. It's quite dramatic! She loves to cook with mom and has a sweet tooth like her mom too! We love you Mylee! Happy Birthday!