Tuesday, November 13, 2012


My brother and his boy got passes to Sundance for Christmas last year. I had really been wanting to take our girls to try skiing out. We set a date and it actually worked out really good because we went the day after a nice little storm had hit and we had really great conditions. Sundance had a deal where first time skiers could get their day pass, a lesson, and equipment rental for $40.00! What a deal, eh? After the lesson the girls wanted to brave the bigger hills, so we made a big mistake and took them to the top. Morgan and Cory made it down fine, but poor little Mylee had a few meltdowns! First off, that's way too far for a first timer to go(especially a 6 year old). I think her poor little legs were killing her, so we had to take many breaks! Unfortunately there weren't any bathroom breaks and you can guess the rest!! Good thing we had a change of clothes!! Lesson learned-- next time we'll stick with the smaller hills and take bathroom breaks more often! Despite the small dilemma, she wants to go again! All in all, it was well worth it!