Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Camping

We decided at the last minute to get out of town for Memorial Day. We loaded up the old trailer and headed up to Scofield. It was nice to get away for a minute. The kids had fun fishing, riding bikes, roasting marshmallow's, chasing pot-guts, and eating lots of junk. On Sunday, my sister Katie and her family came up and roasted smores and hot dogs with us. Katie's daughter, Shelbee, was calling the pot-guts "fat butts", we thought that was pretty funny. Then Katie's boy, Devin, got in trouble for shooting his red-rider gun in the park. You can always count on entertainment when the Shepherd's are around!

Morgan loves soccer

Spring soccer this year didn't pan out too well with all the rain. Four of the ten games were rained out. However, Morgan seemed to have a blast when they played. Maybe fall season we'll have better luck.

Pre-School Graduation 5/14/10

Pre-school has been so much fun for Mylee. When she first started she was mad because she realized she couldn't go every day. Her teacher, Mrs. Leslie, was such a great teacher. Mylee has learned so much and is definitely ready for kindergarten. For some reason, at both Morgan and Mylee's graduation I get all choked up and shed a few tears. They're so dang cute in their little caps and gowns, you can't help but cry a little. Here's some pics.

4/22/10 Happy B-day MyMy

I can't believe my baby's 5!! They just grow up too fast! She wanted to go to Jumping Jacks and then to Cold Stone for some ice cream, so I guess she got her Birthday wish!

Happy Birthday Mylee!! WE LOVE YOU!!