Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mylee's Kindergarten Graduation-- May 2011

Mylee and Mrs. Peterson

Tiny's pre-school graduation--May 2011

Shelbee (aka: Tiny) is my sister Katie's youngest. Mrs. Leslie teaches them the cutest songs for graduation. I cried at Mylee's, then cried again the next year at Shelbee's. Mrs. Leslie is the greatest pre-school teacher ever!!

Shelb's singing

Diploma time!

Mylee and Tiny

Katie and Shelbee

Shelbee and Mrs. Leslie

Mother's Day 2011



Iceskating Adventure 3-7-11

Jaydee--OH MAN!

Jordan, Jaydee, Morg, Lex, & Mylee


Mylee's got it!